Serves 4-5
1-2 chopped frozen bananas
1/2 cup chopped frozen mango
1/3 cup chopped frozen strawberries (or mixed berries)
1 cup spinach leaves
1/3 cup coconut water
1- 1.5 cups water
1/3 cup pure coconut milk or cream
1/2 an avocado
1/2 an apple
Optional extras (I always put these extra goodies in for added nutrients but the smoothy is still great without it):
1 tsp Changing Habits Camu Camu
1 tsp Changing Habits Supreme Green Powder
1 tsp Changing Habits Probiotics
1 tbs Changing Habits Colloidal Minerals
Put everything in a good blender (we have the George Foreman Mix & Go Pro which is under $100 and does an excellent job!) with the spinach leaves at the bottom. Blend till smooth. Pour into glasses and drink. Yum!
~I usually don't measure the quantities exactly. Smoothies are fun like that - you don't have to be too precise so the kids can help out with no problems!
~I sometimes add in cucumber or other extra greens without the kids noticing.
~If you don't have frozen bananas, mangoes and strawberries, just use fresh. It will still be yummy but maybe not quite as creamy or as cold.
~I love the Changing Habits supplements and products as they are made from real organic food - not synthetic vitamins produced in a lab somewhere. I am very familiar with Changing Habits founder Cyndi O'Meara's philosophies and ideals so I know that I can trust completely all of her products.



03/04/2015 12:41am

Thanks for sharing this great recipe! My children like it a lot

17/03/2017 9:16pm

This is a great idea for kids! My niece loves to eat different kind of healthy food. I think she will love this Green Smoothie. This is a perfect time to make this green smoothly because of the weather that we have right now. This recipe is full of healthy fruits and so many vitamins that are good for the body. I'm so thankful that I found your blog. The instruction is so easy to understand and it really helps me a lot.

14/07/2017 8:40pm

One of the best ways to promote a healthier lifestyle for kids. I think this is such a very creative and unique kind of recipe and I don't think I've ever seen anything like this before. You just took a simple smoothie to a whole new level. Just looking from the actual smoothie above makes me want to try this for myself right now. I just hope I could do it properly without making any disaster. Just kidding! Thank you so much for sharing your recipe with us. Please do post another unique recipe of yours because I'm really looking forward in learning so many types of recipes just like this.

22/05/2016 3:36pm

The kids are always giving the great troubles to their parents when they are talking about their food. I hope they will be feeling some relax after reading you’re this post which is having a nice meal recipe for their loving babies.

02/08/2016 2:10am

This is something my kids like so much. Healthy and tasty, it's making meals easier for me since I can make this their drinks even when they don't want to eat any greens. Everything in the ingredients is easy to get and is available anywhere, the prep time is quick and easy to make. The instructions are really good and clear. Thanks for the recipe.

23/09/2016 4:41am

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Smoothie is presented in more delicate way.


Hope that children's would love it.

15/05/2017 10:35pm

Keep sharing such a nice information.

19/05/2017 12:21am

Great post.

21/07/2017 2:32am

Another recipe for the mothers who are always worried and complaining against their children that they don’t eat healthy food. This green smoothy for kids though requires a lots of ingredients but is guaranteed of being healthy in nature.

28/09/2017 10:26am

I should say thank you very much for this thought. It gives me more knowledge on this issue.



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