One of my best friends moved away over the Easter weekend. She moved 2.5 hours down the road, but right now I feel that it may as well be the other side of the world! It's hard knowing she's not just around the corner anymore, with her ever-listening ear and a cup of herbal tea at the ready. She's kind, generous and caring and I am going to miss her so much. Our kids get along well - especially our 2 year old daughters - and the kids will feel their absence too.

I will adjust to the change over time, but for now, despite the fact that I know emotional eating isn't the answer to anything, I am turning to food! Comfort food to sooth the soul. Luckily for me, my insides and my waistline, comfort food for me no longer consists of Cheezels, M&M's and nachos. These days for the most part, my comfort food whilst still delicious and satisfying, is more nutritious and health-giving than the 'treats' I would have once turned to!

Last night, I felt like 'picking' - there's something that feels a bit indulgent about picking away at a variety of foods which all together, make a meal. So I busied myself in the kitchen for half an hour and came up with a yummy, healthy and comforting meal for a cold Autumn night - smooth vege soup served with homemade seed crackers topped with avocado and seaweed salt, along with some rough-looking mini egg and bacon 'sandwiches'. I love coming up with easy nutritious meals and was especially happy with this one which included a number of my favourite foods - hot soup, avocado, eggs and bacon - and my hubby and kids loved it too! 
These are pretty simple dishes which anyone could throw together so here's just a quick run down of what I did:

Soup -
Sautee a chopped onion and 3 garlic cloves in olive oil. Next add in some chopped herbs of your choice (I used parsley, coriander and a little rosemary). Sautee momentarily until fragrant.
Next put in chopped vegies of your choice - what you use and how much isn't really important as it's a matter of personal taste (remember - we're going with what feeds the soul!) and what you have on hand. I used 1 carrot, 2 celery sticks with leaves included, 1/2 red capsicum, 1/2 green capsicum, 3 x large kale leaves, 2 x large tomatoes, 1 x zucchini, and some frozen peas and corn. Next add about 1500mls of water and/or homemade bone broth. Add salt and pepper to taste and set to simmer until all vegies are soft.
Once vegies are cooked, transfer to food processor and add in some previously roasted pumpkin, potato and sweet potato. Process the soup on a high speed until smooth. The roast veg gives a nice creamy consistency and adds a lovely finishing flavour. The more pumpkin and sweet potato you add, the sweeter the soup will be, so add a few pieces and taste test to see what you think of the flavour.

Mini egg & bacon 'sandwiches' -
Beat 6 eggs in a bowl and season with freshly cracked pepper. Heat a large frying pan and once hot, fry off some chopped bacon. I did mine in sticks but squares might work better. Experiment with shapes and sizes. Once cooked, set aside. Next, without cleaning pan, pour the egg mixture in, covering the whole pan. Like when cooking pancakes, leave to firm up on the bottom. Once firm, carefully flip the egg over to cook on the other side. I cut the large circle down the middle first to make the flipping easier. Once egg is just cooked, remove from pan and cut into shapes to suit the size and shape of the bacon. Using one piece of bacon as the filler and two pieces of egg as the 'bread' put your sandwiches together and serve either still warm or at room temperature.

Seed crackers -
See here in the Life's Pantry Recipe section for the seed cracker recipe.

Being that my good friend gave me the recipe for these seed crackers, and is actually the person who helped me get started on my health and wellbeing path, it was very therapeutic to make these in her absence. I guess they'll always remind me of her! (I know I'm kind of acting like she's disappeared off the face of the earth but I really do feel a bit hard done by at the moment. It'll pass but in the mean time you'll have to put up with me!)

This morning after a big breakfast, by the time I felt hungry again it was nearly lunch time. Not wanting to ruin my appetite, I simply helped myself to a few good spoonful's of nut butter. Is there anything more satisfying than eating a spread straight from the jar?! My choice today was Mayvers Super Spread. OMG - this stuff is amazing. Check out the link to read about how great it is but more importantly, try some to see how delicious it is - I put it on everything!  

Dinner tonight was another of my favourite comfort foods - stir fry! I love a good home made stir fry full of fresh crunchy vegies served on a steaming hot pile of rice. Yummo. Click here for my original recipe including the simple honey and sesame sauce.

In finishing, I guess I better admit to my other little comforting indulgence over the past few days - a couple of sneaky Easter eggs when the kids have left their stash unguarded! It's not something I do very often anymore; eat sugar-filled, devilishly naughty chocolate, but boy have I enjoyed every little bit that I've had! The way I see it is the more I eat, the less the kids consume - it's my duty as a good parent... that's what I'm telling myself anyway!